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July 1, 2013
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4th of July Business Tips: Ways to Prevent Shoplifting

In today’s article we will discuss ways to prevent shoplifting during the upcoming holiday season. With 4th of July right around the corner tourists will flood local shops and so will criminals. Thieves are always looking for ways to get “free” things so this article will teach you ways to prevent to shoplifting.

1. Be Vigilant

One of the most important things to do as an employee or owner is to watch your store and the people in it. Not everyone is a criminal but it is better to stay safe than sorry.

2. Notice Suspicious Activity

An easy way to catch a shoplifter is to pay attention to body language. A lot of first time and veteran thieves get extremely sloppy and begin acting weird. These are the people that look like they are just wandering throughout the store or seem to be watching the employees. If someone is looking around suspiciously keep an eye out.

3. Make Customers Leave Backpacks In Front of Store

A lot of thieves tend to use big empty bags or backpacks to stuff merchandise into. Easily stop a majority of theft by requiring customers to leave big bags / backpacks at the front of the store.

4. Watch For Large Groups of People

Often shoplifters work in teams and use one person to distract an employee while the other steals. Keep an eye on all customers as much as possible.

5. Undercover Shopper

Undercover shoppers are definitely one of the best ways to prevent shoplifting by far. Have several employees dress in plain street clothes and casually shop around the store. If a customer seems suspicious have that employee keep a close eye on that person without being spotter. This step is definitely one of the most recommended way to prevent shoplifting.

6. Install & Monitor The Store VIA CCTV

Having a complete security system is an easy way to watch for shoplifters and record their every move. During the holiday seasons it is important to save money and constantly monitor your CCTV system to prevent merchandise loss.

Ways To Prevent Shoplifting VIA CCTV

CCTV Installation Helps Prevent & Catch Criminals

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