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June 19, 2013
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Tips to Prevent Burglary

1.  Get a Dog

Having a larger dog can be a huge anti-theft benefit when it comes to tips to prevent burglary. Not only can a dog alert homeowners of an intruder but a majority of thieves won’t consider your house just because of the dog. It is not uncommon for a thief to scout out a house to rob before hand using some kind of clicking device or whistle to see if any dogs are in the area.

2.  Tell the Mail Man

While on vacation letting your mail build up is a huge sign that no one is home. Talk to your local mail man/women about your upcoming absence and they will hold your mail until you get back.

3. Plant Rose Bushes Around Windows / Cut Overgrown Shrubs & Bushes

Planting thick thorny rose bushes is a great way to keep burglars away from windows unlike over grown shrubs that provide great hiding places. Trim the bushes and shrubs back to reduce any potential hiding spots.

4. Cut the Grass

While on vacation or during travel arrange for your grass to be cut. Nothing says I’m not home like long and unmaintained grass.

5. Leave a Light On / Motion Detecting Bulbs

Leaving a light on in your house gives the appearance of your presence in your absence. For under $20 you can purchase a motion detecting light bulb for your porch or other outdoor lighted areas. This is probably one of the better tips to prevent burglary especially if you are on a budget.

6.  Don’t Leave a Spare Key

An easy way for a crook to gain access into your house is by getting the spare key under the rug or plant on the porch. Make sure to pick up all your spare keys when you leave.

7. Move The Cars

Have a friend or neighbor move any cars left at home once a day while your gone. Moving the cars makes it look like there is a lot of activity going on in the house.

8. Social Media & Location Sharing

Social media is becoming the newest way to tell when homeowners are going on vacation or extended trips. Posting status updates such as “Going to Cancun for a 5 days next week!”, may seem harmless but now anyone who wants to see when you’re going to be gone easily knows. These tips to prevent burglary are great but if you show the world that you are not at home VIA location sharing then you are making yourself a potential target.

9. Lock Down The House / Secure Sliding Doors and Windows

Before you leave your home make sure to lock all the doors and windows. You’d be surprised how many robberies take place without the use of force. Put a pin in the window/door or put a wooden rod into the slide track to prevent sliding.

10. Notify Your Trusting Neighbors

Building relationships and bonds with surrounding neighbors is a good way to have eyes on your house while your gone. Have the neighbors pick up any flyers or papers off of your porch and share these tips to prevent burglary with them.

11. Situational Awareness

Know your surroundings! One of the worst things you can do when it comes to safety is not knowing what is going on. Notice any suspicious activity or people in your area as much as possible and tell the neighbors too.

12. Get a Video Surveillance System

In some cases all these tips to prevent burglary still won’t stop a burglar but, a video surveillance system is a sure fire way to catch any criminal in the act. With the development of video surveillance homeowners are helping the police to catch criminals right in their tracks.

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