This part of the turnpike is also “dual dual”

If you don agree, I hate you
June 14, 2014
We all know it needs improvement and what needs improving
July 7, 2014
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Triple glazing is next to impossible. Insulating walls for heat or sound is just a fantasy. They could easily have more room if they built more intelligently but of course, you are taxed by floor area so they do stupid crap to get around it. He not even good on the PK, but I save that for another time. Why in the holy hell is Suomela among the first to be sent to the press box when you having problems finding a consistent fourth line center. Dude was killing it on the third line in the beginning of the season.

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For example, if all attacks went straight, you probably complain about the Sorla aggro decks having it too easy. Having them “miss” every now and then is like a nerf to mindless face aggro strats. It also seems necessary with how different stat levels there are, especially in the late game.

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There has to be a reason for that, and I don think it JUST an issue of gun control or mental health. If that were the case we would see the same problem in a lot of different places. I think it a symptom of something bigger and more insidious, but I can quite put my finger on what..

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