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November 6, 2013
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As we step closer to the holidays the rising threat of theft and burglary draws near. In this newsletter we will examine threats to your home and business thanks to crafty thieves and the creative forces that help their reign of terror. With the powerful of knowledge we are going to provide the key points to successfully protect your family and investments.

Upcoming Holidays = Potential Burglary Risks

As most of you know Thanksgiving and Black Friday and right around the corner and that isn’t the only thing hiding in the shadows. Burglars see holidays as expressways to gain access into your home or business. Most families celebrate Thanksgiving at another’s home leaving entire neighborhoods open for the “taking”. Even if you aren’t so worried with the threat of burglary because you already have a security system or company, it’s always important to keep these ideas in mind and share them amongst friends and family.

According to multiple news sources and a quick Google Search ( you can see an increasing trend of residential and commercial burglaries. Protecting your family and business is one of the biggest and most influential choices a person can make within the lines of long-term investments.

Available Security Opportunities

Thanks to the available and affordable technologies developed recently within the field of security we can now safely protect all of our investments without a chance of loss. Not only can we install high-definition video surveillance systems within our own businesses but within our own homes as well.

Below is a list of available security options that are offered by Platinum Vault Inc.

1. HD CCTV Security Camera Installation
2. Access Control
3. Home Security Automation

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