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October 3, 2017
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Licence Plate Capture


The LPR module not only reads and recognizes license plate information automatically from passing vehicles, but it also logs the information with the accompanying snapshots. All of this vehicle information is searchable using time or license plate information and it can then be transmitted to multiple users simultaneously. The LPR module is effective to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules and to conduct lot inventories.

The software already support optimized recognition algorithms for more than 50 countries around the world and has been used for a variety of private and commercial applications.


Key features

Vehicle access record and search for post-event investigation

The iVMS-5200 Professional LPR module provides vehicle information such as the license plate number as well as the vehicle model, logo, and color. Each of these elements is accessible and searchable (using a time frame or plate number) for up to six months.

Real-time vehicle information reading and identification

The iVMS-5200Professional LPR module can automatically read and recognize license plate information from passing vehicles, take snapshots, and present the information in a user-friendly way for effective identification of vehicles.

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