November 3, 2014

That said, UCF is a much easier recruiting destination, and

The archetype of a Republican is Roger Stone. Just a lying scumbag who is proud of breaking any and all laws for the sake of power, […]
November 3, 2014

We staged sting operations by having counselors hide in bushes

And seriously dude, drop the “liberals” thing. This has objectively 0 to do with my political standing, and further more, you clearly haven the slightest idea […]
November 2, 2014

I suggest that you pause it a lot; it goes by pretty quickly

Do you forget that their defense is horrible? Not having Berry is huge for them. They currently give up the most passing yards per game on […]
October 26, 2014

Alexander Lambert doctor who had been especially interested in

Producing content is hard, and even the Gawkers of the world aren’t making enough to stay financially solvent. By allowing ads, the content producers that customers […]
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