Benefits of Video Surveillance

Owning a home or business in Los Angeles County can be a frustrating experience at times, especially when you have to deal with vandalism like graffiti and destruction of property, or even worse, serious crimes like breaking and entering or theft. There are a number of different ways to combat these types of crime, but one of the most reliable and most cost-effective methods is through a surveillance camera installation. Video surveillance is used for a number of different reasons, and here we’ll outline why so many business and home owners in Los Angeles choose to use security cameras, as well as some of their benefits.

A surveillance camera installation is an excellent way to protect your home or business from malicious activity because it is so affordable to install and maintain compared to other types of security. For example, a security force consisting of only one or two guards, present only during non-business hours, can still cost hundreds of dollars per day to maintain. Conversely, a security camera system can be just as effective or even more so, as it does not fall asleep, read the paper, or call in sick, and costs a fraction of that amount.

Security cameras can be used in virtually any sized structure, and are effective for residences and businesses alike. One of the major benefits of having a surveillance camera installation is that it not only helps authorities track down criminals that do perform malicious acts to a property, but also prevents the majority of this behavior from occurring in the first place. Most potential criminals that plan on illegally entering a structure will turn around when they see a security camera system, and choose a less well-secured target.

If you are looking for an affordable yet highly effective way to protect your business, your home, or your family, then a surveillance camera installation should be one of the first things you consider. The systems are extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any setting, and also have a number of secondary uses (such as remote monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, preventing workplace harassment between employees, and so on). Surveillance cameras can make a significant difference in the security of virtually any structure, and coupled with a few other simple security measures such as fencing or even a single guard, they can make a business virtually impenetrable.

By Stacey Harper
Platinum Vault Inc, Project Manager

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