Where to Install Security Cameras?

Where do I want my camera to cover my front door? You could also be asking what type of camera. There are many factors to consider when considering a CCTV system, here are just a few.

Can’t see the person- There are many reason for this problem, the most common mistake is made by the customer or an inexperienced tech. It is always best to consult with a CCTV security camera professional with a valid contractor’s license and references from customers installed in your area (you can also check online for reviews).

Most buildings that have cameras; the cameras are placed at the top of the building. This is an old practice that doesn’t achieve the standard view or give the client basic information needed to prosecute.

The most common mistake that I have seen is that most applications use the same cameras everywhere. Some times that’s appropriate, most of the times it’s not. For instance, I have seen cameras installed facing the front door of a business with a glass front, at the right time of day the sun whites-out the picture. That’s because it’s the wrong camera or bad placement. A wide dynamic indoor dome would be the right camera. If it where outside the front door it would be an IR vandal dome.

The key to a good CCTV security camera system is good design. A well designed system will accomplish your needs. Because a well designed system takes all the above considerations and more. If your CCTV professional doesn’t take time to ask questions and submit a design according to your needs. Keep looking.

Platinum Vault Security Solutions believes in educating the consumer. That’s our website www.platinumvault.com offers valuable information to help the average consumer understand all the variables involved when considering a CCTV security system installation. Visit our website today to find deals on 4, 8, and 16 channel DVR security camera systems with IPhone and Blackberry viewing. “They were neat, clean and professional and compiled with our security standards throughout the project. I would recommend them as a competent provider of security systems/services”.
Juan P. – County of Los Angeles Juvenile Hall

By Stacey Harper
Platinum Vault Inc, Project Manager

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