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CCTV Installation For Home and Business

Platinum Vault, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of CCTV installation and camera system surveillance for homes and businesses. Starting with a site analysis and an assessment of your surveillance needs, we make direct recommendations by assessing your current security systems (if any) to determine if they are adequate or can be integrated. Then we will advise you on the selection of systems and begin the CCTV installation. Once your site analysis and surveillance equipment recommendations are completed, it’s time take the next step. Trained in the specialized field of surveillance placement, Our Install team will install your complete system with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day business. Platinum Vault Inc. is a licensed contractor who specializes in Electronic Surveillance Systems, ie: All types of security camera application and Access Control Systems.Got questions? Maybe you’d like to discuss the various security camera systems options? Don’t hesitate to call us or drop us a line.

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Many people that live in Los Angeles know that having a security system for your home or business can be extremely beneficial in a number of different ways. If you are considering the various options for improving the safety of your business or residence, then you should consider a CCTV installation as an option. CCTV systems, or closed circuit television systems, are used by many businesses and even home owners across Los Angeles County, and here we’ll go over a few of the reasons you might want to look into installing a CCTV system in your home or business.

If you are a business owner, the primary reason you may want to consider a CCTV installation is to prevent crime such as break-ins, theft, robbery, vandalism, and trespassing from occurring on your property in the first place. If this type of crime does occur, then a CCTV system can capture the criminal performing the act on film, thus assisting authorities in tracking him or her down and pressing charges. CCTV systems can also be used in industrial applications, such as to monitor various aspects of an industrial process, especially in environments that are not suitable for humans.

If you are a homeowner in LA County, you know that sometimes crime can sometimes spill over to even the nicer neighborhoods. Having a home security system can help deter potential criminals from invading your property, and can dramatically improve the safety of your residence and family. If you want to protect your property from vandalism, break-ins, and robbery, then a CCTV installation will not only help you keep crime from affecting your home, but can also rest easy without having to worry about the potential for any of these threats.

Los Angeles is generally a safe city, but crime happens everywhere. Having a way to protect yourself, your family, and your business against potential criminals should be something that everyone considers. A CCTV installation can be surprisingly affordable, depending on the square feet you want to secure, as well as the type of security system you want to install. While some types of CCTV systems can be installed fairly easily on your own, many of the more complex and higher-end systems should be installed by a professional. Closed circuit television systems offer an affordable yet highly effective way to protect yourself and your business from a number of different types of crime.

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Affordable Lease Plan & Purchase Options

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[plan name=”4 Camera System” link=”https://platinumvault.com/contact” linkname=”Contact Us” price=”$39″ per=”Per Month” color=”#0061B2″]

  • Purchase: $799.00

[plan name=”8 Camera System” link=”https://platinumvault.com/contact” linkname=”Contact Us” price=”65$” per=”Per Month” color=”#000000″]

  • Purchase: $1299.00


[plan name=”12 Camera System” link=https://platinumvault.com/contact” linkname=”Contact Us” price=”$99″ per=”Per Month” color=”#0061B2″]

  • Purchase: $1899.00

[plan name=”16 Camera System” link=”https://platinumvault.com/contact” linkname=”Contact Us” price=”$299″ per=”Per Month” color=”#000000″]

  • Purchase: $2599.00



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