Platinum Vault, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of CCTV camera system surveillance installation and support services in Beverly Hills. Starting with a site analysis and an assessment of your surveillance needs, we make direct recommendations by assessing your current security systems (if any) to determine if they are adequate or can be integrated. Then we will advise you on the selection of systems and actually implement them. Once your site analysis and surveillance equipment recommendations are completed, it’s time take the next step. Trained in the specialized field of surveillance placement, Our Install team will install your complete system with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day business. Platinum Vault Inc. is a licensed contractor who specializes in Electronic Surveillance Systems, ie: All types of security camera application and Access Control Systems.

Got questions? Maybe you’d like to discuss the various security camera systems options? Don’t hesitate to call us or drop us a line.

A CCTV Camera System Contractor in Beverly Hills You Can Count On

See why more and more companies rely on Platinum Vault Security Solutions as the only CCTV system design and installation company they trust to get the job done on time and on budget.

CCTV Cameras and Access Control Security

Be secure in the knowledge we have over 40 years combined experience in the home, commercial and industrial security industry.

CCTV and Security Cameras for Home and Business

With CCTV you can all to easily finish up with the wrong system or paying too much, here at 1st Choice CCTV – with the benefit of our long experience in the industry – we will:

– Give you free, accurate advice and help you to establish your precise needs

– Design a system that will do everything you require but will not cost a penny more than you need to pay

– Install your new CCTV system to the highest possible standards

– Ensure you know how to use the equipment to its amazing full potential

– Offer support from our manned offices and answer any future questions you might have

Access Control Installation

What is Access Control?

Access control installation keeps a business, employees and property safe and secure. The systems also monitor visitors as they enter and exit the building. Businesses may focus on entry and exit points to secure the building from theft or other disturbances. Gates may be installed at the entrance of buildings to prevent undesired individuals from entering the business and breaching security.

Magnetic stripe cards may be required for access to the building and closed circuit television will monitor the situation. Card readers, RF controls and keypads may all be incorporated into an access control solution for a business. Access control eliminates the need for an individual to be on staff at every entry point.

Our Promise

  • Free Accurate Advice
  • Free System Design
  • Quality Equipment
  • Excellent Price
  • Professional Installation
  • Complete Support After sales

Platinum Vault Security Solutions believes in educating the consumer. Below you will find numerous articles provided by Platinum Vault. If you have any questions about your next CCTV Security Camera Installation, please contact us.


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