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The ABC’s to Stop Intruders

Leaving stuff lying around in your yard or in the open for all to see can unknowingly attract thieves to your residence. In this article we will learn how to stop intruders and successfully prevent residential burglary.

How to Stop Intruders

1. Don’t “Flaunt” Your Expensive Items

Let’s start out by saying if you have a scooter or a bicycle that someone could easily roll away, put it where no one can get it such as in your garage. With that said try not to display any expensive items viewable from the street such as nice TV’s, glassware, cars,  ETC. Burglars usually case a home before robbing it. By not showing that you have money you can easily stop intruders from targeting your home.

2. Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to preventing an intruder you need to keep the outside of your house visible. By installing a motion detecting exterior light you can improve the chance to stop intruders greatly.

3. Secure Windows & Sliding Doors

Most intruders gain access to homes by open windows and sliding doors. Easily block access by purchasing removable locks at any hardware store or use wooden dowels laid in the tracks to completely prevent sliding.

4. Don’t Leave Spare Keys

A good way to invite a stranger into your home is with a spare key.. Not! Burglars look for spare keys to easily gain access to your home in fake rocks, under pots, or even under the rug. Don’t put out a spare key and stop intruders!

5.  Remove The Hiding Places & Plant Thorny Shrubs/Bushes

If your home has big bushes in front of your windows or yard consider trimming them back, thieves love concealing themselves in bushes to prevent a chance of being seen. If you have no greenery in front of your windows consider planting thorny bushes/shrubs such as roses to stop intruders right in their tracks.

6.  Get In Touch With The Police

Planning a short stay out of the city, state, or country? Contact your local law enforcement agency (Not 911) for a regular patrol of your area while your gone. Some law enforcers are assigned to patrol specific residential areas. Make sure to ask if they offer free security evaluations as well.

7. Prepare For Vacation

Going on Vacation? Don’t let your mail/newspaper pile up! Contact your local post office or ask a friend to stop by and pick up your mail and newspaper while while your gone, nothing else says I’m not home more like days of mail stuffed in the mailbox.

8. Meet Your Neighbors

Preventing crime can be very easy with a well monitored neighborhood watch. Get to know your neighbors and always be on the look out for suspicious activity.

9. Be Vigilant

Always keeping an eye out for suspicious activity is a good thing. Report suspicious activity and prevent bad things from happening.

10. Lock Down The House

Surprisingly the majority of burglaries occur using minimal force. Lock all your doors and windows to stop intruders!

Additional Ways to Stop Intruders

  • Get a Dog (Barking Dog) = Stop Intruders
  • Install Security Surveillance / Alarm System

Stop Intruders: What Next?

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