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Security is everything especially when it comes to your home and business. Take this free home security test to calculate how safe you really are. Grab a pen, paper, and calculator and let’s see how your security methods and equipment measure up. Be sure to write down your score for each question, 1 Point for Yes or 0 Point for No.

Free Home Security Test

1. Do you lock your doors at night?
1 Yes or 0 for No

2. Have you have an alarm system?
1 Yes or 0 for No

3. Do you arm your system?
1 Yes or 0 for No

4. Do you have a video surveillance system (CCTV)?
1 Yes or 0 for No

5. Do you lock your windows?
1 Yes or 0 for No

6. Do You have big shrubs/bushes by your windows that can be used as hiding places?
1 Yes or 0 for No

7. Do you have outdoor motion lights?
1 Yes or 0 for No

8. Do you have a large outdoor dog?
1 Yes or 0 for No

9. Do you leave spare keys outside?
1 Yes or 0 for No

10. Do you communicate with neighbors frequently especially about suspicious behavior?
1 Yes or 0 for No

Now total up your score!

Home Security Test Results

6 – 10 – Excellent! Your safe and have a reduced chance of being burglarized but, should consider upgrading your home security.
3 – 5 – You are in Danger! You need to seriously consider upgrading your security!
0 – 2 – Your security is extremely poor and needs attention immediately!

No matter what your score is, you should always take any necessary steps to improve your safety.

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