1. Download The App
Download the application from Itunes App Store by searching “iDMSS” or going here.


2. Open the application

Open the App

4. Go to Device Manger


5.  Add The Cameras
On the top right corner press the button that says “Add” , then select the option that says “Manually Add” and you will see the following image.

iDMSS Lite Login

6. Filling In The DVR Information
The following steps will work for you when you’re on the same network as the DVR.
Here is the information you will need:

  • Name. Give it a name like “Location X DVR”.
  • IP Address. The address is the ip address on your DVR, you can get this information from the setting. ( Main Menu > Setting > Network)
  • Port Number. You can find the port number in your DVR Network settings. ( Main Menu > Setting > Network)
  • Username. Most likely your DVR username is “admin”.
  • Password. This is the password you use to log-in to your DVR with.
  •  Channel. Channel is the number of Camera’s you have setup.

Viewing Camera’s From Anywhere

To see the cameras anywhere you will follow same steps but, in the address field use an external  IP address.

7. Press Save

8. Go To The Main Menu & Live Preview

gDMSS Lite

9. Click On Any Of The Four Screens
It will give you a list of what you just made then you should see that it says camera 1,2,3,4, ETC. Pick one of the screens then you should see what your camera sees.

10. Do it for all of the cameras

Pictures of GDMSS Lite

GDMSS Demo 2



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