1. Make sure your DVR is connected to the network

2. Turn on your DVR

3. Log-in into your DVR

4. Go to main menu (Right-Click > Main Menu)

5. Click on setting

6. Then click on Network Setting

7. There is a square box that says DHCP Click on it, and then click “OK”

8. Restart the DVR

9. Go back to network setting

10. Write down the IP Address you will need it and both of the port numbers

11. Next go to your computer and log in to your router form your computer

12. If you don’t now how to get to the router then go to the command prompt type “ipconfig /all” it shows you your router ip address type that address into your internet browser. It should take you to your router.

13. Go to port forwarding, if you cant find port forwarding then look in your router manual if you cant find it still call your internet provider

Port Range

It should look like this

14. Give the DVR a name like “DVR” this is under the application column

15. Type the port number where it says “START” and put the same number in the “END” column

16. Next is the IP address the one you got from the DVR put it in the IP address column

17. Do the same steps for the other port number

18. Then click on “Save” or “Apply. “

19. Go to www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ to test your ports

20. In the web site it shows you your external ip address type that address in your browser . then you can see it on your computer

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