NOTE: These instructions are only how to change your password not to reset it. If you forgot your password this will not help you.

1.    Go to Main Menu
– Right-Click and select Main Menu.

Right-Click and select Main Menu

2.  Go To Advanced
Left-Click on the Gear icon that says, “ADVANCED”.

Left-Click on Advanced
3. Go To Account
– Left-Click on the icon shown below that says, “ACCOUNT”.

Left-Click on Account
4. Select The Account You Log Into
-Once you reach the account screen you will be able to see a list of accounts setup on your system. Left-Click the account you use to log in with and Left-Click “Modify Password”.

Select Your Accout and Left-Click Modify Password
5. Select New Password
– Once you have reached the new password screen you will need to enter in your current password as  well as new password. Left-Click “Save.”
Make sure to write down your password so it is not forgotten!

Select New Password

6. Restart Your DVR
-In order for your new password to reflect on your system you must restart. In order to do this from the current account page Right-Click two times until it brings you to the Main Menu. Once in the Main Menu click on the “Shut Down” icon as seen below.

Restart DVR 



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