1. Plug USB device into DVR

2. Log-in to DVR

3. Right-Click on screen and select Search

4. On the right-hand panel select the date of the video you want to transfer using the calender (Example 4/19/2013)

5. Below the calender you see the camera selection. Select the camera/cameras that you want to export video from.

5. Left-Click anywhere in the time line and go to the bottom of the screen to select the time-frame of video you want to transfer and click on the “Save” icon. (Example 9:00:00 AM – 5:30:00 PM)

6. In the newly opened “Backup” window you will see your USB device and a list of videos to select from the previously specified time. Make sure to select your USB device that you want to export the video to. Check/un-check videos you do and do not want followed by clicking the “Start” button.

(NOTE: Once you select the videos for transfer you will be able to see the amount of required space needed for USB device for a successful export.)

Recommended USB Size: Anything 3Gbs & Up. External drives work as well.



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