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October 1, 2013
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HD CCTV Installation | Introduction

For years the security and surveillance industry has been plagued by low quality video thanks to analog cameras. With the development of HD CCTV, installation and quality has never been better!

Why HD CCTV  Installation?

When it comes to security for you and your possessions why take a chance to have something stolen? You may be thinking to yourself, “Well I have a surveillance system why do I need HD CCTV?”.  I’m glad you asked! HD CCTV installation can be one of the most important steps taken to prevent financial loss due to theft. How can HD save prevent burglary? Let’s learn the most beneficial features to high definition security cameras.

Enhanced Image Quality

With an HD CCTV security system, business and home owners have the best opportunity to capture vital information to resolve commercial and residential burglaries. A 1M IP camera which is considered to be the lowest quality of the high definition family can easily pick up the license plate of a getaway vehicle where as an analog security camera could not.

High Quality Infrared

One of the best features of HD CCTV cameras are the superior night vision image quality. There is absolutely no comparison with HD CCTV compared to analog cameras. As some of our current customers can testify our night vision HD cameras are, “like night and day compared to analog”.

If your looking into upgrading from analog to digital CCTV then HD CCTV installation with Platinum Vault would be the most practical solution.

Affordable HD CCTV Installation for Home & Business

Looking for affordable HD CCTV Installation? Get a free no commitment quote today!

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