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July 9, 2013
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One of the biggest fears as a homeowner is destruction/vandalism to your investment and residential burglary. In this article you will learn the benefits of home security and how to prevent such acts.

Benefits of Home Security

1. Protection From Intruders

House alarms are very effective in preventing residential burglary and come in a variety of different ways to detect intruders such as motion detectors and other custom triggers. For this reason alarm systems are one of the best benefits of home security.

Quick TIP: When a security company installs an alarm system they usually put a sign in front of the home which usually deters criminals from even attempting to break in.

2. Easy Access to Emergency Services

With almost all alarm systems comes easy access to fire, police, and medical emergency services. If any catastrophe happens within the home you can have the peace of mind that emergency services are just a button away.

3. Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Want to save money on home insurance premiums? Install a monitoring alarm system in your house to reduce your home insurance by up to 20%.

Quick Tip: Potential buyers look at security systems as an upgrade thus increasing your home’s worth if you are looking to eventually sell.

4. Save Money on Electricity

When it comes to the benefits of home security, automation is the key point. Home automation can improve the security of your home, but also save money on the monthly electric bill. A majority of home security automation systems have energy efficient modes that can help save money along the way. Remote access to your alarm system allows for a homeowner to control specific things in the home remotely such as turning off lights left on by the kids.

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