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As the leader in security camera installation, alarms, and access control, Platinum Vault offers superior service compared to the competition. Home / business alarms and HD CCTV is our business and we take it very seriously, our professional and experienced team can successfully implement a new or security system for your home, business, or enterprise. We provide the best turnkey security systems in the industry!

Home & Business Alarms

Looking to protect your family and valuables with a home and/or business alarm? With our unique and professionally installed security systems we can guarantee peace of mind for everyone. Monitor your business when you’re out of the office and get instantly notified when a break-in occurs. We install only the best  for those who want to keep their life long investments and loved ones safe. Hassle free installation and turnkey systems is our gift to you, leave all the work to us so we can improve your life and security.

Access Control: Keyless Solutions

Get the ultimate security for your locations using the power of . Whether you have a business or enterprise, we have scalable keyless systems for almost any need. Without using traditional locks and keys, you can control when employees access your locations. No longer are you at the mercy of locksmiths, which could cost you thousands each time you have to change the locks! Be the boss of your location and monitor all incoming and outgoing foot traffic with ease. Need to remove or grant security access to specific areas? Simply revoke or add permission to anyone using our sleek easy to use system!

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