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June 26, 2013
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Our nation’s Independence Day is only a couple of days away and with that today’s article is going to be focused on 4th of July safety tips. Independence Day is known for many things, some of which are fireworks, BBQ’s, and water sports. As many of us have family and friends over a lot of people leave their homes completely untended making them a potential victim to fire, vandalism, and burglary. To prevent these types of tragedies we need to prepare our family/friends and stay vigilant by using the necessary 4th of July safety tips.

Here is a List of The Best 4th of July Safety Tips:

1. Lock All Doors & Windows

Locking all doors and windows is important when it comes to the security of your home. A lot burglaries usually happen if and when a home easily accessible VIA an open door or window. With sliding doors and windows use a pin or wooden rod to prevent sliding.

2. Communicate With Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors to let them know that you will be heading out of town and ask them if they can keep an eye on your place. A huge step in community safety is neighborhood watch. Look out for your neighbors and they are sure to return the favor.

3. Lock Front & Back Gates

Locking the front and back gates can keep your house safe and people off of your property while your not home. If you have a pool then your home is at a great risk of intruders getting injured and that can be a huge liability.

4. Set Security Alarm / Video Surveillance

Before you leave at any time make sure that your alarm is set and your surveillance system is up and operational. Using your smartphone or any mobile device you can easily check up on your house while your away.

This concludes our 4th of July Safety Tips for 2013 enjoy and have a good holiday week!

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